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Abdukholiq G'ijduvani kuddisu sirrihu. Khoja Muhammad Arif ar-Revgari. The mausoleum of Khoja Mahmud Anjir Fagnavi. Memorial complex of Khoja Ali Romitani. Khoja Muhammad Baba Samosi memorial complex. Khwaja Syed Amir Kulol Bukhari memorial complex. Bahouddin Naqshband.
Khoja Muhammad Boboi Samosi memorial complex
Information about the monument complex of Khoja Muhammad Boboi Samosi, the 5th pir of ancient Bukhara

Khoja Muhammad Boboi Samosi kuddisu sirrih was born in 1259 in the village of Samos, Romitan district, Bukhara region, and died in 1354. His graves are located in the village of Samos. His paternal great-grandfather was Sayyid Abdullah Samasi. He also knew the Sharia and tariqa sciences.

Muhammad Boboi Samosi was wheat-colored and had light on his face. This man's gaze was touching and his emotions were strong.
Mohammed Samosi served His Highness Khoja Ali Romitani faithfully until the end of his life. Even when this man emigrated to Khorezm, they emigrated together. This travel benefited this man immensely, becoming one of the master's closest and most prominent disciples.

Muhammad Boboi Samosi sought out many of his disciples on his own. One day, as this man passed in front of the battlefield, he looked at a wrestler in the middle of the field and call him into the his teaching. That man was Amir Kulal. From that moment on, Amir Kulal, enters the service of majesty and receives an education imbued with his knowledge.

There is such a narration when Muhammad brought the newborn Bahauddin Naqshband to his grandfather, Samosi pointing to this man, Amir Kulal said to him the following:

"This is ours. We took him for spiritual adoption. As we said earlier, this is the man who will be the future of our teaching, inshaAllah. From now on, this village will be an “–°astle of Orifon(Knowladge)”. O Amir Kulal! I address you, my son Bahauddin, in this cradle. Do not let the faults of inward and outward upbringing!" " InshaAllah, I will do my best to do what you say," said Amir Kulal.
Muhammad Boboi Samosi brought up four great disciples: Hodja Sufi Suhari, Hodja Mahmud Samasi (his own sons), Hodja Sage and Hodja Sayyid Amir Kulal.

Muhammad Boboi Samosi  received the contribution of Samosi Silsil from Khoja Azizan Ali Romitani.
Reconstruction and beautification works were carried out in mosques and shrines in the city based on the tasks given by the our president during his visit to Bukhara region in February 2018.

Along with all the jami mosques operating in the district, the Hodja Muhammad Babai Samasi jome mosque also underwent a number of renovations and reconstructions.  Modern buildings were erected at the jami mosque. The gate tower, toilet, tower, fountain, mausoleum, and corridors were erected so that they conformed to modern requirements. These structures are almost complete. In the new year of 2020, the finishing work has also been completed. This complex has become one of the most well-appointed and honorable places of pilgrimage for visitors to our country and local residents, InshaAllah!
Romitan district "Khoja Muhammad Babai Samasi".
Imam-khatib of Jume Mosque

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How to go?
Khoja Muhammad Baba Samosi memorial complex is located 10 km from the center of Bukhara, and you can get here by bus and taxi from the center.
Working time
The shrine is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day of the week.
It is served by bus number 54, 79, 85 in the direction of Gijduvan, and the average fare is around 10,000 UZS.
In addition, you can also go by taxi, taxis will go to this place around 10,000 - 100,000 UZS, depending on the distance.